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Top eye hospital and doctor in Jabalpur

NABH CERTIFIED JAN JYOTI SUPER SPECIALTY EYE HOSPITAL in Jabalpur, since its humble beginnings in September 1992 is the top Eye Hospital in Jabalpur by Dr Pawan Sthapak, this hospital is one of the top hospitals to treat Cataract disease.

Dr Pawan Sthapak Eye Hospital is dedicated to nursing and healing all eye diseases. It serves not only the people of Jabalpur but also people from outside the city. Due to its popularity, overseas patients also come for eye treatments. The hospital has a large eye bank, over 10,000 square feet to cater to the needs of patients and provide cutting-edge technology to every patient.

Which Machine is the First in India?

In 2003, Janjyoti is the first hospital in middle India that started to remove aspects through Zyoptix laser surgery. Presently Teneo II machine is there for laser surgeries first in India. A Femtosecond laser Victus machine is also available for cataract surgery second in central India. Jan Jyoti hospital also provides implantable contact lenses which are certified by Star Surgical Switzerland. Dr Sthapak also established the Dada Virendra Puri Ji Maharaj eye bank.

In Jan Jyoti hospital for cataract surgery, the latest technology CX-3000 is been established. There is a modern retina unit for cataract pinhole surgery MICS and for other diseases which are related to the Retina. For cornea diseases, there is a separate micro-biological cornea lab which is the first in middle India and is especially for cornea diseases. Also, for slow comes disease treatment is available with the latest technology.

Its clean, elegant, and eco-friendly ambience, well-groomed staff, safe and advanced eye surgeries, and NABH accreditation have fulfilled a long-held dream. Beyond cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment, our experienced Doctors are dedicated to preventing eye diseases and sharing their knowledge and experience with colleagues. Janjyoti Eye Care Centre has been providing high-quality vision care for over three decades. It is regarded as one of the best eye hospitals in Jabalpur, and it provides a comprehensive range of modern ophthalmic treatments to its patients. Jan Jyoti Best Eye Hospital, Jabalpur Cataract, Lasik, ICL, Glaucoma, Retina, Corneal, and other eye care treatments and surgeries are available at the best eye hospital in Jabalpur.

Jan Jyoti eye hospital, Jabalpur, M.P.

Also started Dada Virendra Puri Ji Eye Institute (DVJEI) at Tilwara Ghat, Jabalpur working for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases in 16 districts including 4 tribal districts of MP providing charitable and super speciality eye care to poor patients free of charge.

Why Choose Jan Jyoti?

 Hospital with NABH Approval







Our Services

 Cataract & IOL Surgery

 Cornea

 Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

 Retina & Vitreous

 Glaucoma

 Uveitis & Ocular Inflammation

 Oculoplasty And Adnexa

 Pediatric Ophthalmology

 Squint & Orthoptics

 Contact Lens

 Medical Ophthalmology

 Neuro-Ophthalmology

 Eye Bank And Other Specialized Treatment


 Central India’s Most Advanced Ophthalmic Institute

 All eye departments are housed under one roof.

 On the third Sunday of each month, Dada Virendrapuri Ji holds a free eye camp with international-level facilities.

 All eye diseases are treated by a Specialised team of ophthalmologists

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