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Child eye specialist and sURGEON in Jabalpur

Surgeons specializing in ophthalmology treat only pediatric patients. They have received training in operating on children. If your child suffers from an illness or accident that calls for surgery, Dr. Pawan Sthapak, an eye surgeon, is qualified and experienced to provide care. Being a surgeon is one of the most difficult and drawn-out professional choices in medicine. If surgery is required, some of the most proficient, educated, and experienced Ophthalmologist in Jabalpur will take care of your youngster.

    • From age-related macular degeneration to diabetic retinopathy, diabetic vitreous hemorrhage, macular hole, a detached retina, Epiretinal membrane, and CMV retinitis, the hospital’s repertoire of vitreoretinal surgical and laser techniques is nothing short of awe-inspiring. What’s even more astounding is that it has gained such a stellar reputation that overseas patients too are drawn to its doors for their eye treatments
    • This hospital takes pride in offering a comprehensive spectrum of eye care services. From cataract surgery to cornea transplantation, glaucoma treatment to retinal degeneration care, they’ve got it all covered. The specialists here are not just healers; they’re visionaries who understand the nuances of every eye condition and tailor their treatment with utmost precision.
    • The hospital specializes in a range of vitreoretinal surgical and laser techniques that are nothing short of magic. They’re the answer to several vision-related issues, such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic vitreous hemorrhage, macular hole, a detached retina, Epiretinal membrane, and CMV retinitis. Through these techniques, they not only treat but also restore, preserve, and improve vision

Ophthalmologist in Jabalpur

It’s critical to recognise that children’s health is not merely an extension of that of adults. They frequently struggle to express their issues, and they could object to a medical examination. 

This is when pediatric surgeons’ experience is useful. These experts are skilled at examining and caring for kids in a way that puts them at peace. A prime example of this knowledge is Dr. Pawan Sthapak, a renowned ophthalmic eye physician in Jabalpur with thirty years of experience.

Ophthalmic surgeons dealing with children are equipped with specialized equipment and facilities tailored specifically for their unique needs. They have extensive training and experience in caring for the specific requirements of children, including the treatment of rare surgical illnesses.

You can be sure that the surgeon has extensive training and experience treating surgical disorders in children if your pediatrician recommends seeing a pediatric surgeon for your child. An extensive analysis of the field of ophthalmology highlights how critical it is to identify and treat children whose health is rapidly deteriorating as soon as possible.

Dr. Pawan Sthapak Eye Hospital in Jabalpur has been a pioneer in advancing the field. They organized a significant symposium on pediatric radiology on October 25, 2020, highlighting the latest advancements in pediatric imaging and medicine. The hospital’s pediatric emergency division now provides specialized 24-hour services along with general pediatric care. Dedicated to the treatment and care of various eye diseases, Dr. Pawan Sthapak Eye Hospital boasts an experienced team that handles everything from contact lenses and laser surgery to the treatment of conditions such as glaucoma, lazy eye, and cataracts.

The hospital’s ISO 9002 certification serves as further validation of its dedication to serving the requirements of both adult and pediatric patients with diverse eye conditions. Their groundbreaking method of caring for children as young as two with cataracts, myopia, and astigmatism has garnered significant attention in India and globally. This innovative approach has become renowned for its ability to address vision issues at an early stage and circumvent the necessity for surgical measures.


Additionally, physiotherapists working in the ophthalmic field offer the entire ophthalmic community comprehensive treatment services and support. They understand the unique physical development and bodily functions of children and apply the latest physiotherapy techniques to support and nurture infants through their teenage years.

Eye Treatment goals

Treatment goals and methods rely on various components applicable to the ICF for Disability and Health of the International Classification of Functioning.

The treatments mainly focus on various components, particularly depending on a person’s activities and participation performance. It is processed through improving endurance and strength, tackling pain management, and offering the best applicable learning opportunity required for skill acquisition.

There is a well-known Family operated early diagnosis and Intervention model, where an experienced Ophthalmic physiotherapist will operate with his team for the child’s treatment. The team consists of the family, and several health professionals. They include a neurologist, nutritionist, play therapist, Ophthalmic, psychologist, teachers, occupational therapist, nurse, pharmacist, and so on.

Ophthalmic Eye Surgeon Benefits

  • Integrating reflexes, and motor skills and improving the posture of the child
  • Providing typical pattern body movements to make hand and leg movement easier.
  • Improving functional mobility
  • Improving gross motor skills
  • Improving muscle strength and balance
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Improving the reach of motion
  • Providing and improving gait training
  • Attending and addressing respiratory problems
  • Helping children to address learning problems and difficulties
  • There are numerous physiotherapy benefits and need somewhat higher levels of sustaining strength for this.


  1. What specialized services do child eye specialists at Jan Jyoti Eye Hospital’s Eye Care Center provide?

            Ans. Our child eye specialists are committed to addressing child’s eye health needs. Services include eye tests, vision correction, and treatment for different pediatric eye conditions.

  1. Who are the experienced child eye specialists at Jan Jyoti Eye Hospital’s Eye Care Center, and what sets them apart?

            Ans. Our group of child eye specialists is highly trained to work with young patients creating a comfortable and friendly environment. At our Eye  Care Center, we focus on both eye health and your child’s comfort.

  1. What are common pediatric eye conditions, and how can parents recognize them?

           Ans. Pediatric eye conditions like strabismus and amblyopia can affect a kid’s vision. In the event that you notice signs like crossed eyes or poor eye alignment, it’s essential to consult a child eye specialist.

  1. How can I schedule an appointment with a child eye specialist at Jan Jyoti Eye Hospital’s Eye Care Center?

           Ans. Booking a meeting with our child eye specialist is simple. You can call our hospital or visit our website.

  1. Is Jan Jyoti Eye Hospital’s Eye Care Center recognized for providing quality care for children’s eye health?

            Ans. Yes, our child eye specialists have extensive experience in pediatric eye care. We are known for our success in treating young patients, making us a top choice for child eye health services.